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我的世界Minecraft基岩版最新发布。Minecraft 基岩版是指包括Minecraft 手机版(Android、IOS)、Win10版(VR)、主机版(XboxOne、NS)在内的 使用“基岩引擎”(C++语言)开发的Minecraft 统一版本。正式版是Minecraft 基岩版经过一段时间的测试版测试之后得到的稳定版本,也是众多材质、Addons和官 方领域服会逐渐跟进的版本。与此同时Google Play、Win10 Store等官 方软件商城也会推送次更新。


Added a button to join a Realm using an invite code on the Friends tab, for platforms that can't click on Realms invite links



Adventure Maps


Block & Seek by Polymaps


Dr. Splice’s Lab Escape by 57Digital


Mystery Lands: Scary Chunks by Pathway Studios


The Cube Theater by Qwertyuiopthepie


The Haunted Neighborhood by PixelHeads




Fall Fest by Blockception


FightMe! By Pathway Studios


Land's End by Blockworks


SkyFair by Blockworks


Skin Packs


Boo! by 57Digital


Cute But Spoopy by Eneija


Onsie by Eneija


The Boo Crew by Razzleberries


Lucha Libre by 57Digital


Spookfest by Irish


Sci-Fi Horror by Pathway Studios


Space Crew by InPvP


Spooky Skeleton by Blockception



Pressing the A button on the Creative inventory will now place one item in the inventory, not a full stack. Pressing the Y button will place a full stack and X will clear the hotbar in Creative mode

在创造模式版本中按下A按钮,现在只会放入一个物品,而不是一组物品。 按下Y按钮将放入一组物品,X按钮将在创造模式下清除hotba


iOS render distance is no longer limited to 6 chunks on higher memory devices

Fixed an exploit that allowed child accounts to join servers when multiplayer permissions were disabled

Fixed a crash when the game was suspended (Xbox One only)

Fixed a crash that occurred if a player with blocked multiplayer privileges was in a world and accepted an invite from another player (Xbox One only)

Fixed a crash that occurred when closing the skin picker

Fixed a crash that occurred when loading world chunks

Fixed a crash that occurred when using the crafting screen

Fixed a crash that occurred when going through a Nether portal and then using a piston

Fixed a crash that occurred when crafting items while a split-screen player joined (Xbox One only)

Fixed a crash when pressing OK on the disconnect message after suspending and resuming the game (iOS only)

Fixed a crash that occurred with Iron Golems on converted worlds

Fixed a crash that occurred when using the '/fill' command that caused to many spawned entities to fall

Fixed a crash that occurred when using uppercase letters in '/gamerule' commands

Fixed a crash on low memory iOS devices

The game will no longer freeze if a second player joins with split-screen while the first player controller is disconnected (Xbox One only)

Decreased the sensitivity of placing blocks

The 'Sniper Duel' achievement is now unlockable (Xbox One only)

The 'Inception' achievement in now unlockable on all platforms

Fixed an exploit that caused rails to be duplicated

Fixed an exploit that caused Shulker boxes to be duplicated when broken by an explosion

The Sign screen can now be closed if the cursor has been moved to the third line (iOS only)

Fixed worlds that were created on Xbox One not opening after being downloaded to another platform from Realms

Fire Resistance effect will now properly protect players after quitting and rejoining a world

The virtual keyboard no longer opens and can't be closed when opening Host Options (Fire TV only)

Fixed torches and other light sources giving off very little light when Smooth Lighting was enabled

Attacking or mining with an enchanted book will no longer apply the book's enchantment

Players can no longer be targeted by mobs before loading into a world or dimension

Fixed an issue causing transparency issues on several skins

Pressing the A button no longer cancels Elytra flight and will now make the player ascend

Players will no longer cease climbing stairs and slabs while flying

Fixed Iron Golems not causing enough Knockback effect

Servers will no longer briefly appear on the Friends tab

Heavy blocks no longer break when falling on leaf blocks

Fixed the texture offset of Mooshroom's udder layer

Cobweb will now drop as an item when cut with shears

Sheep no longer emit two sounds when dying

Food particles now appear when feeding animals

Items renamed in an anvil that have been placed will now retain their names after being mined

Several improvements to handling split-screen controller assignments (Xbox One only)

The game will no longer accept input from the previous controller after changing controllers while the game is suspended (Xbox One only)

Split-screen players are now correctly assigned after their controllers are disconnected and reconnect in a different order (Xbox One only)

Fixed Guardians not spawning in Ocean Monuments

Leaves that have snow over them will no longer appear black

Fixed an issue that could cause chat to freeze if there was a high amount of chat output

Skulls can now be placed on the ground when a layer of snow is already there

Endermen now take damage in filled cauldrons

Doors, Wooden Buttons, Ladders and Fishing Rods can now be used as fuel in a Furnace

Fixed some vines being destroyed when pressing right-click

Fixed an incorrect controller tooltip when moving an item in the Creative inventory over the hotbar

All mobs can now be spawned on water by players

It's now easier to see the texture animation of flowing water

Spider and Endermen eyes are now slightly visible when hit with invisibility potions

Fixed no sound when filling a bottle with Dragon's Breath

"Elytra Wings" are now referred to simply as "Elytra"

Players with Fire Resistance will now receive damage from lightning

Fixed a constant green highlight on the inventory screen of tamable mobs

Pumpkins and mob heads can now be equipped directly from the Creative inventory on Pocket UI

When placing layered snow, only one block will now be taken from the inventory

Flint and Steel no longer takes damage when hitting mobs

Using Pick Block on giant mushrooms will no longer give unobtainable mushroom blocks

Arrows that are picked up will now join an existing stack in the offhand slot, not creating a separate stack

Minecarts and boats can no longer be destroyed by Ender Pearls

Door and fence gates can now be placed on dirt path blocks

Items moving in flowing water will no longer have jittery movement

Dead bushes can now be replaced when placing blocks and items

Decreased the hitbox size on crops

The hitbox size of Nether Wart will now increase as it grows

Increased the distance that the Enchantment Table book will open when a player approaches it

Runes no longer float from bookshelves to the Enchantment Table at the same time

Fixed graphical issues with the experience bar when the Candy Texture Pack is applied

Banners will now wave when daylight cycle is disabled

Light Gray Shulker Boxes now have the proper name

Shulker Boxes now only give a full Redstone signal when filled with 27 full item stacks

Top snow is now destroyed immediately after placing water or lava over it

Food particles no longer come out of players' foreheads

Crafting and container screens now close when a player takes from another player or mob

It is no longer possible for players to place a block in the same space they are sneaking, causing them to fall

Uncraftable and unobtainable items no longer appear in the Recipe Book in Survival mode

The tooltip for Stone variants in the Recipe Book now properly show they're in the "Nature" category

Split-screen GUI Scale is now saved separately from Fullscreen GUI Scale (Xbox One only)

Mooshroom now displays a particle effect when sheared

Eating and drinking animations are now visible when a player is seen from third-person view while under the invisibility status effect

Additional Map items are no longer lost when more than one Map is placed in an Anvil’s input slot while creating a Locator Map

Fixed player's camera Y-value from flickering up/down when the player teleports

Fixed "Custom" skin name appearing as placeholder text on player skin change notifications

Fixed the left leg being rotated the wrong way on armor stand poses

Items replaced by a command are now visible instantly in the inventory

The "Choose Skin" text no longer flickers on the Skin Picker (Android only)

Scroll bars in menus no longer jitter when using the right stick to scroll

Fixed low-speed movement occurring after controller thumbstick is released (VR only)

When pressing tab to complete a command, the choices are now sorted correctly

Adding a 'damage_sensor' to an entity type no longer prevents '/kill' from working




by Blockception


Enjoy the wonders of FallFest with this new Blockception world! Explore the island and enjoy Minigames while earning prizes to show off to your friends. Includes two (count 'em!) music tracks! Fall for this content by using this link to open up the Marketplace on your Minecrafting device and go straight to the download

在这个新的Blockception世界享受秋季盛会的各种奇观!探索岛屿,畅玩迷你游戏,同时获取奖品并向您的朋友炫耀一番。 奖品包括2首歌曲! 通过使用此链接在您的Minecraft设备上打开游戏商店即可购买。



by Pathway Studios

作者:Pathway Studios

Face off against a friend in a two-player PvP showdown! Gear up and summon minions to help capture all four control points and secure victory in a fast-paced multiplayer battle. FightMe! is easy for any player to pick up and start developing strategies to crush their opponents. Owch! Stop hitting me and use this link to open up the Marketplace on your Minecrafting device and go straight to the download instead!

在二人游戏 PvP 对决中一决高下!拿起装备召唤小兵帮助并夺取全部四个控制点,并在快节奏多人游戏战斗中确保胜利。与我对战!可以让任何玩家轻松上手,并开始制定策略击败对手。通过使用此链接在您的Minecraft设备上打开游戏商店即可购买。



by 57Digital


Dr. Splice, a former lab guy, has taken over and his evil DNA splicing experiments are causing chaos! You discover that everyone has been evacuated… except you! Break out and stop Dr. Splice taking over the Minecraft universe in this solo and multiplayer adventure map! Unleash the experiment by using this link to open up the Marketplace on your Minecrafting device and go straight to the download.

斯普莱斯博士以前在实验室工作,他现在已经掌控一切,他那邪恶的 DNA 拼接实验正在引起混乱!您发现所有人都已经撤离,唯独您还没有!逃离实验室,组长斯普莱斯博士掌控《我的世界》领域!通过使用此链接在您的Minecraft设备上打开游戏商店即可购买。



by Blockworks


Welcome to Land’s End – one of Minecraft’s greatest palaces. From the great library to the palace throne room, there are tons of rooms to explore and secrets to discover. Why not use it as a base for the best fairy-tale city you’ve ever made? Start exploring by using this link to open up the Marketplace on your Minecrafting device and go straight to the download.




by Pathway Studios

作者:Pathway Studios

Mystery Land invites you to play survival with custom mob interactions, new textures and a touch of spook in a 5000x5000 custom world. Scary Chunks is split into 3 biomes: the Dark biome, the Pumpkin biome, and the Swamp biome. Solve the mystery by using this link to open up the Marketplace on your Minecrafting device and go straight to the download.

神奇的一块大陆邀请你在一个 5000*5000 的自定义世界中玩生存游戏,这个时间具有自定义生物互动,新纹理,还有一丝可怕的气氛。可怕的区块分为三个生物群系:黑暗生物群系、南瓜生物群系以及沼泽生物群系。通过使用此链接在您的Minecraft设备上打开游戏商店即可购买。



by Blockworks


Roll up, roll up! Welcome to SkyFair. We have it all – ghost trains and rollercoasters, duckies and splash mountain. Enter the social world of the SkyFair, a collection of simple yet addictive minigames based on funfair classics. Use this link to open up the Marketplace on your Minecrafting device and go straight to the download.

快看过来!欢迎来到天空集市,这里应有尽有 - 幽灵火车、云霄飞车、激流勇进等!这一云端世界围绕游乐场各类娱乐项目,提供了各种令人着迷的小游戏。通过使用此链接在您的Minecraft设备上打开游戏商店即可购买。



by Qwertyuiopthepie


Have you ever wanted to be a playwright, stagehand, or actor? With custom lighting controls, hidden entrances, trapdoors, custom set design, and more, you too can present your favorite plays, or even write some of your own! Multiplayer recommended! Break a leg and use this link to open up the Marketplace on your Minecrafting device and go straight to the download.




by PixelHeads


Endless night. Evil monsters. This once-quiet neighborhood nestled neatly in the forest has mysteriously gone dark, and it’s your quest to figure out why. Battle werewolves, ghosts, vampires, and creepy clowns in a super spooky Halloween adventure. Are you b-b-brave enough to use this link to open up the Marketplace on your Minecrafting device and go straight to the download?



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